Left arrow: guess? Maybe left...

Right arrow: surprise!

Up arrow: jump

Z: Zoom

Move Maialino through the 5 levels to free his chicken's friends from the Vufo!

Recover the key to open the cell.

Bring the balloon to the chicken to make them fly (do you know that chickens cannot fly, right?).

Go to the next level (just follow the arrow!).

CLICK on "Gioca" to "Play", "Opzioni" for "Options" and "Credits" for... I refuse to reveal.

PS: sorry for the white background in the first 2 levels, the html conversion caused it... the game was made with an old version of Construct 2 and I cannot find the source to modify it.

PS2: the CPO doesn't work anymore but who cares? XD

PS3: check my Patreon page for other free games:

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